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Astronomy & Solar Imaging

We are dedicated to Astronomy and Solar imaging who choose life looking skyward. We are - Citizen Scientist. The fundamental idea of our solar system and the study of heavenly bodies & the sun in Hydrogen-Alpha. Enjoy, images of our sun, and the equipment used to explore our universe.

Preparing for Solar Eclispe
Preparing for Solar Eclispe

Preparing for Solar Eclispe

Prep Day

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Today I prepared and did a dry run using my DSLR and White-light filter setup.  Although the results are not spectacular, this set up will be perfect for the Solar Eclipse.
Daystar Calcium H-Line Quark Review Daystar Calcium H-Line Quark Review

Daystar Calcium H-Line Quark Review

Calcium H Line

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Daystar has been busy working on new improved products to release to the public who have an interest in Solar imaging and visual observing. About a year following the release of Daystar's HA Quark is the Calcium H-Line Quark, which shares a few design attributes of their other quarks. Lets find out how it performs and is it worth the money..

Solar Continuum

July Herschel Wedge

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The morning started rough and it got worse from there, I managed a couple white light continuum images before suffering heat stroke.  Here is what I captured.

Solar Grab and Go

Getting some Sun for Summer

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Summer makes me happy with the extended daylight, warmth and opportunity to explore the universe with my Telescopes. This year I put together an awesome setup that is near perfect to suit my 3...

Solar Imaging Sept 19 2015

This morning started out kind of iffy, meaning the cloud coverage was thin and wispy but the weather called for mostly sunny skys.  So, I ask myself, do I feel lucky? well do I?   

Solar H-Alpha May 23

Early start this morning, waking to a big blue sky with minimal clouds. Weather was pleasant and not too humid or hot. Nice May weather. 

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Solar Cow

Astro Update


iOptron CEM25P Review

I am putting together a small portable imaging solution based on several key requirements;  The mount must be light, quite, have tracking with a guide port. Enter the iOptron CEM25p.  This year I am gearing up to use my Daystar Camera Quark, Stellarvue SV80 Access to do some Solar...

Baader K-Line Ordered

I ordered a Baader Calcium K- Line Filter to use with my awesome Baader Herschel Wedge and to bring you even more images of our solar universe. Unfortunately the filter is on back order. Using the Baader Calcium filter should give me more interesting images of our sun.  This is the first...

Solar Imaging

After years of night time astronomy with countless sleepless nights due to long viewing times, I wanted to explore what options were available to me for daytime.  I discovered Solar viewing and then later after purchasing a solar telescope, imaging was a very addictive endeavor.  I...

No June Images Yet

I will tell the truth!  In this area of the world I have had only a couple opportunities to pull out my Solar imagining system to get busy with more solar images in early June.  To update you here is a timeline from my last postings.  I broke a cable on my Losmandy G11 mount. I...

Baader Solar Herschel Wedge

I had to do a lot of searching and ordering various adapters but finally got what I think will work with my Celestron Skyris camers to obtain back focus using the Badder Solar Wedge with my Telescopes.  Many of you may remember, the Badder as wonderful as it is can not achieve back focus...

New Solar Images

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