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7 Photographic Legends

The Legends

These photographers are not in any particular order.

Joe McNally: This guy is pretty much a light genius and is the reason I now own 4 SB-910s, 2 SB5000s, reflectors, diffusors and his published books. In short, I ran across Mr. McNally on a YouTube channel while I was trying to find some information about rear curtain flash techniques and that lead me to watch about 10 hours of video on various lighting challenges Joe was faced with and how he accomplished the art of shaping light. You can’t help but get inspired by his work, personality, and his obvious professionalism. Not to mention his series of finding new perspectives such as climbing the Burj Khalifa for a few pictures. Joe McNally is motivation in action and inspires me to do more. So, if your getting a bit bored out there – Go watch some Joe McNally videos, buy his books and visit his site.

Moose Peterson: I don’t know how long Moose Peterson has been into the professional aspect of photography but he has certainly inspired many of us photographers into nature and wildlife imaging. What better way to enjoy nature than with a camera and Moose.  Moose Peterson has been a huge positive factor in helping people understand how fragile our environment is and I share the same environmental connection. I don’t know Moose’s secret recipe for success but I aspire to measure up to his top bar performance and photographic excellence. This guy is as busy as a bee as they say, books, articles, blogs, images, and the flying Moose.  He has inspired me to go purchase two Nikkor Super telephoto and capture nature like I never before, Thanks to Moose and Nikon who have both have made me a better photographer, and inspire me to learn and do better on each photographic outing – what more can one say than get inspired by someone who is.  Get a glimpse of Moose Petersons wonderful site and blog here.

Bryan Peterson: Bryan has published many books, articles and videos and has been part of my photographic upbringing since I put a 35mm camera in my hands - Thanks Bryan!, Starting with my Minolta SRT-101. Bryan knows how to use a camera and is a perfect example of an inspirational influence in phototgraphy. His many works on helping others be more successful such as seeing creatively, close ups, and his understanding series are fine examples that have inspired so many, never without an idea and inspiring thought. If you have not had an opportunity to experience Bryan ‘s wonderful techniques in teaching, you can pick up a few tips from this Adorama videos series – “You Keep Shooting”, or just buy his wonderful books from Amazon. Besides that, Bryan Peterson is another reason I started to look at photography differently over the years and used his tips to help me explore new ideas and stay active; Bryan is the reason that I began taking close ups, after reading his Understanding Close Ups book, I went out and did just what he said and started taking close ups – what fun it is. Bryan Peterson’s web site is full of great images and workshop information. Bryan, Thank you!

Ansel Adams: Wow.  So, how can anyone explain Ansel Adams in a paragraph? This photographic Genius was born when dirt was being discovered but yet mastered his art by living his ambition, and oh so well how he did it! Born on the west coast in S.F. in 1902 Ansel evolved to be a supreme conservationist that brought the world of our nature’s splendor into each American home using his iconic Black and White images. Can you imagine what he had to work with in his day and what his eyes saw looking under that drape and his vision for the print.  Ansel managed to rendered some of Americas best images of our natural spaces  – he was simply amazing.  If you can’t get inspired by Ansel Adams you are dead photographically speaking.

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The remainder of this post is Don's comments: I decided to breakdown and purchase the WT-7a,..being that 1) I own a D500, and 2) I love to shoot untethered. Note, my forte' in the photography world is "Event Photography. That is, capture and print "onsite". It's 90% of my business model and every since the days of the mighty D2X and WT-2a, I've always admired the ability of "capturing and image and it instantly popping up on a display monitor" for customers to see, and of course, buy prints! Well, time has changed since those 'good old days' to newer 'good old days' of the D500 and WT-7a!

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Our family feline of 13 years passed away early this morning, bringing to closure Easter's wonderful life with our family. At his passing he was believed to be 20 years + of age. Everyone in his family will miss his presence and are saddened by the loss of  our cat Easter. He is survived by Teeny his fellow feline house companion, and three caretakers who provided and received his love over the years. 

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I truly enjoy the outdoors especially during spring months, plants and animals begin to flourish and the forest comes alive with colors, sound with a calm atmosphere.

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So, you are an avid photographer with thousands of images in your collection.  Maybe you have been relying on an USB 3 external drive to as your file backup along with your lightroom database;  one copy on your work computer and a backup on the external - does this sound familiar?  While that approach is a viable one, you just might be at risk of serious data loss.  Here is my story on the near loss of many years of work, and why I decided to go pro, and invest in a serious NAS.

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This wonderful Male Cardinal sits on a perch as sleet comes raining down, and is undaunted by the ice crystals that are falling on his face and feathers. The Cardinal is a native species of North America and suited for the elements, he appears well protected from these elements.  

Auto Focus Lens Calibration

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I was preplexed as to why some images were soft and not to an acceptable image quality.   In the beginning I thought it was me, I have a new lens and maybe I am not accustomed to using it and might need some additional practice. But,  After weeks of use I could not explain why some images were good while others not.  Then I took a deep dive into the fine tuning of  lenses.

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