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Reviews on digital imaging, Nikon Cameras, Canon Cameras, Macro, Micro, Telephoto and Super Telephoto lens and all things photo optics and equipment, such as the D5, D500 and D850. My ambition is to provide useful and solid photography tips and information with the best real world reviews of all the photographic gear and astronomy equipment - that I use.

Preparing for Solar Eclispe Read more

Preparing for Solar Eclispe

Today I prepared and did a dry run using my DSLR and White-light filter setup.  Although the results are not spectacular, this set up will be perfect for the Solar Eclipse.
Daystar Calcium H-Line Quark Review Read more

Daystar Calcium H-Line Quark Review

Daystar has been busy working on new improved products to release to the public who have an interest in Solar imaging and visual observing. About a year following the release of Daystar's HA Quark is the Calcium H-Line Quark, which shares a few design attributes of their other quarks. Lets find out how it performs and is it worth the money..

Convert Your Camera Quark Read more

Convert Your Camera Quark

If you are in the market for a Daystar Quark and having difficulty in choosing between a Camera Quark or regular Eyepiece Quark, this article is for you.

Solar Continuum Read more

Solar Continuum

The morning started rough and it got worse from there, I managed a couple white light continuum images before suffering heat stroke.  Here is what I captured.

Solar Grab and Go Read more

Solar Grab and Go

Summer makes me happy with the extended daylight, warmth and opportunity to explore the universe with my Telescopes. This year I put together an awesome setup that is near perfect to suit my 3 goals and objectives. 

Stellarvue SV80 Access Review Read more

Stellarvue SV80 Access Review

Stellarvue SV80 Access Telescope.  This new Stellarvue SV80 Access mm telescope will be a nice addition to my solar setup as well as my night time Astronomy for low to medium power viewing.  If you read my earlier post you know I do Solar viewing in HA and white light. hydrogen Alpha has very specific requirements that provide spectacular solar views, while the White light is more forgiving but still offers hours of enjoyment.  Earlier this year I sold off my older Meade 80mm to upgrade to a finer, higher quality instrument. 

DayStar Camera Quark Review Read more

DayStar Camera Quark Review

I have been into Solar viewing and imaging for a few years. I find it more enjoyable than the night time Astronomy because the sun is ever changing and day to day has new features appearing. In general, Solar viewing and imaging is a better fit for my lifestyle. In this article I will cover down on the DayStar Camera Quark, I have the Prominence version. So let us take a look under the hood.

Lunt Solar Wedge Review Read more

Lunt Solar Wedge Review

Today I would like to introduce you to the Lunt White Light Solar Wedge.  I have been a solar observer off and on for a number of years, one of the first accessories I purchased for my refractor was a solar film attachment.  This allowed me to use my telescope to safely view the sun.  I was hooked!

Hutech Hinode Solar Guider Review Read more

Hutech Hinode Solar Guider Review

Keeps your Solar Telescope on track without need for your input. Great product for solar guiding with no fuss and no need for a computer + other wonderful options. Thanks Hutech!! Get yours from OPT


Lunt LS80THa Solar Telescope Review Read more

Lunt LS80THa Solar Telescope Review

Have you ever wanted to take pictures of the sun? or just do some visuals observations when the opportunity allows.  This is my experience with the LS80THa solar telescope.
SkySafari and Losmandy Gemini 2 Read more

SkySafari and Losmandy Gemini 2

I would like to share my setup I use for my Gemini 2 for interfacing the awesome SkySafari application with the Gemini 2 for wireless control of my Losmandy G11.
Baader Calcium K-Line Filter vs Continuum Read more

Baader Calcium K-Line Filter vs Continuum

After 4 months of waiting on the back-order of the Calcium K-Line Filter to ship it finally made it into my hands this past August. This filter is currently only offered in the  1.25 size. For me this for some challenges when using it with my camera and telescope set up. In the coming months, I plan on doing some additional imaging with the Calcium K, hopefully with more sun activity.

Lunt vs Badder Solar Wedge Which Has Better Image Quality Read more

Lunt vs Badder Solar Wedge Which Has Better Image Quality

I now have the opportunity to do a head to head comparison of two fantastic Solar Wedges, the Lunt White Light Solar Wedge and the Badder Herschel Wedge. Both are professional grade instruments but with a different design philosophy - Is one is photographically better?  
Astronomy The Problems Read more

Astronomy The Problems

We enjoy our time with the Telescope, for some it is a private time, for others we like to share our time spent behind the instruments that bring us pleasure. Nothing is more rewarding.

Losmandy G11 Upgrade Project Read more

Losmandy G11 Upgrade Project

I acquired my Losmandy G-11 Mount and Gemini Go To system over 7 years ago. During the years, I have been very satisfied with the overall performance of this fine mount.  When I made the purchase technology was just beginning to accommodate computer control and offer interfaces and now later with technology ever changing I wanted to consider a path forward that will facilitate continued use and enjoyment for the next several years; either another mount or upgrade my current G11. This Losmandy G11 with Gemini has been a reliable solution, now comes the time for decisions.
Solar Imaging Sept 19 2015 Read more

Solar Imaging Sept 19 2015

This morning started out kind of iffy, meaning the cloud coverage was thin and wispy but the weather called for mostly sunny skys.  So, I ask myself, do I feel lucky? well do I?   

Lunt vs Badder which is the better Made Solar Wedge Read more

Lunt vs Badder which is the better Made Solar Wedge

Whether you are buying your first solar wedge or white filter or adding accessories to your setup, everyone wants the same thing - great quality, functionality, versatile, ease of use and a great price.  Here today we look at two different solar wedges with a different approach for basically doing the same job - getting great solar images. 

Solar H-Alpha May 23 Read more

Solar H-Alpha May 23

Early start this morning, waking to a big blue sky with minimal clouds. Weather was pleasant and not too humid or hot. Nice May weather. 

Solar H-Alpha May 18 Read more

Solar H-Alpha May 18

These are my solar images taken on this day in May.  I was trying out the new Badder Herschel Wedge along side the Lunt Solar Wedge.  My plan is to do a side by side comparison.  These images represent both white light and H-Alpha images.  Hope you enjoy.
Solar H-Alpha May 8 Read more

Solar H-Alpha May 8

Today was a remarkable day setting up the solar telescope in the beautiful daylight to safely view our sun in all its glory.  You heard it again and again, don't look at the sun - but with the CORRECT equipment you can study our nearest star.


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