Light Room 5 Review and the Creative Cloud Read more

Light Room 5 Review and the Creative Cloud

Light Room 5 Review : An update to my Light Room review “ Capture NX2 vs. Light Room 3 “. I have actually been upgrading my Light Room ever since version 3, and I am currently on version 5. Meanwhile Nikon NX2 is still NX2 and has only offered a minor update and support for 64 bit OS. So, at this point in time Light Room 5 does everything NX2 does but only better and faster. Light Room has made some very nice advancements and is now my defacto photo management tool. In fact so many features are packed in Light Room 5 that it is simply very hard to detail each one. For the price, I don’t think any other software package offers as much as Light Room 5 does.

If you are a photographer with 10 or 100,00 photos, Light Room 5 can handle it using their catalog system, a Light Room database. The editing process is non-destructive and Light Room 5 simply overlays modifiers to a file associated to the image, so in you see the edits as well as when you export the image but the actual image is un-touched.

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